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Start off the New Year with Idioms in English – Phrasal Verbs

Posted by englishlessons on January 4, 2016® has just released a new program, Idioms in English – Phrasal Verbs. This brings the total number of online, interactive English training programs to 17, all of which are available to subscribers as part of the AmEnglish – Accelerate Program.

“Phrasal verbs like slip up and map something out are tricky because usually the meaning cannot be understood by looking up the individual words in a dictionary,” said the author, Kathy L. Hans.

TOEFL Listening Practice

Idioms in English – Phrasal Verbs is unique because the stories using the idioms in context focus on upcoming Olympic Games. So you can improve your idiomatic vocabulary while learning a little about the history of the sports and the host cities.

Idioms in English- Phrasal Verbs

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