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New version of “Animal Tales” – with photographs

Posted by englishlessons on September 10, 2012

Animal Tales® and have just released a new version of Animal Tales with photographs. This online, interactive program is designed for English language learners at the high beginning level and above. The focus on rhyming words is a fun way to reinforce correct pronunciation in English.

Animal Tales features nine poems* about nine animals with:

1. Audio, text, and photographs for each poem

2. Audio, text, and photographs for facts about each animal and its environment

3. Scored dictation practices to check listening comprehension

4. Scored review quizzes to check reading comprehension

5. A scored final review with “fill in the blank,” “multiple choice,” “dictation” and “word scrambles”

*The poems are written in anapestic tetrameter. Other well-known examples of poetry using this poetic meter are Twas the Night Before Christmas and many poems by Dr. Seuss.

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