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Common Writing Mistakes

Posted by englishlessons on July 31, 2012


Mistake Correction
  1. The client insisted to meet with us tomorrow.

  1. The client insisted on meeting with us tomorrow.

It can be challenging to find your own mistakes in writing.

The mistake above is covered in Step 18b in Writing in English – Intermediate+, an online, interactive program that helps you write clear, concise, and correct English.

Step 18b has an interactive chart  with  verb and preposition combinations in English.

The second problem with this sentence is that when you use a preposition like “on,” it should be followed by a gerund, “meeting,” not an infinitive, “to meet.”

If you are confused about when to use gerunds in English, you can find interactive charts and rules for use in Steps 11-14 in Writing in English – High Beginning+.

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