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An example of a common writing error with “even though/although”

Posted by englishlessons on October 27, 2011

There are multiple problems with the following sentence:


Even I am in difficulty to handle this problem, I think I can make it work.

1. There is often confusion with the words “even though” and “although” for non-native writers of English. The word “though” is missing in the sentence above.
2. The phrase “in difficulty” should change to “having difficulty.”
3. The infinitive “to handle” should change to “handling.”


Even though/Although* I am having difficulty handling this problem, I think I can make it work.

*If you need practice using words like “even though/although” to connect clauses, you can find help in Writing in English- Intermediate+. Writing in English- Intermediate+ is an interactive program that helps you write clear, concise, and correct English.

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